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The ultimate watch face customization platform for smartwatches

Facer Watch Faces

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Facer Watch Faces Pro is the ultimate watch face customization platform for WearOS & Tizen smartwatches. Facer offers everything you need to customize & personalize your WearOS or Samsung watch, including 100,000 free and premium watch faces from leading brands and artists. You can even make your own watch faces and share them with the world using the creator tool. Don’t be default, Facer offers everything you’ll need to bring your personal style to your smartwatch.


Facer Watch Faces Installation tips for Samsung users:

  1. Download & Install “Facer” app from the Google Play App store
  2. Make sure your Samsung watch is connected with your smartphone through the “Galaxy Wearable” app & bluetooth is turned on for both your phone and smartwatch
  3. Download & Install “Facer Companion for Samsung Watch” from the Samsung Galaxy App Store
  4. Long press on your Samsung smartwatch and scroll to select “Facer” as your chosen watchface
  5. Open the Facer App from your phone and enjoy the full Facer experience with over 100,000 watchfaces or create your own using our world-renowned Facer Creator at www.facer.io/creator


Make your own watch faces with our powerful web-based editor at https://www.facer.io/creator (note: view on your laptop or desktop for full functionality).

Facer Creator Features include:

  • Import and edit any image you’d like
  • Included free watch hands and weather icon collection
  • Large custom font collections
  • Numerous Time and Date layouts
  • Interactive and Animated Design capabilities
  • Weather Conditions with Fahrenheit and Celsius support
  • Battery Level, Step Counter, Wifi Indicator, and Dynamic BackgroundsCOMPATIBLE WITH ALL WEAROS AND SAMSUNG WATCHES
  • Facer watch faces are compatible with all of the latest WearOS and Samsung devices, including Nixon Mission, Polar m600, Michael Kors Smartwatch, Asus Zenwatch 3, Moto 360 Sport, Casio WSD-F10, Tag Heuer Smartwatch, Moto 360 1 & Moto 360 2nd gen, Huawei Android watch, Asus Zen Watch 1 & 2, Sony Smartwatch 3, LG G Android watch, LG G R Android watch, LG Urbane smartwatch, Samsung Gear smartwatch and more


- Added support for Montblanc Summit Lite
- Misc bug fixes and optimizations
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