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EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do notes icon

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EZ notes app notes voice notes, to-do notes, reminder notes, rich text notes ✏️

EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do notes

EZ Notes is a top choice for tens of thousands of Android Note Taking fans who need the fastest Ultimate Mobility voice notes app. EZ Notes makes note taking entirely mobile and EZ using a welcoming, uncluttered and feature-rich note taking design. Enjoy super fast auto-saving “hands-free” voice notes and many custom features designed to save everyone maximum time and hassle in daily note taking. Take notes via voice notes, typed notes, to-do notes, photo capture notes, image inserted notes, and S-pen notes.

EZ notes demo notes ➙ http://tinyurl.com/jmnncqe

notes benefits of ez notes ✏️

• notes are instant; Take fast auto saving voice notes
• notes created easily in clean interfaces for all notes
• notes swipe gestures quickly delete, archive & recover
• voice notes, to-do notes, rich type notes & S-pen notes
• notes on news, web notes, work notes & school notes
• notes are searched quickly. Folder notes help organize
• notes are auto-archived for short & long-term recovery
• notes made instantly everywhere note taking takes us
• notes are private and completely non-invasive notes
• camera, microphone, contacts, GPS sensor not abused
• notes are ultra slim and efficient preserving resources

notes shared easily ✏️

• notes sharing, notes backup and notes transfer via “EZ Export” of notes.
• notes shared for business, homework notes, and digital S-pen notes (courtesy of “Markers” by Daniel Sandler)

notes organizer with many features for note taking ✏️

• notes for weekly to-do lists via handy grid-view notes
• notes scheduling via calendar for reminder notes
• notes for holiday events, wedding notes, party notes
• voice notes are excellent for portability note taking
• notes on lecture notes, diagram notes, diary notes
• notes on homework notes, class notes, exam notes
• ez notes requires no sign-ups, no sign-ins, no hassle
• ez notes has zero ads, zero spyware. Practical notes app with no BS.

Enjoy complete privacy and cybersecurity of notes ✏️

• Complete cybersecurity & offline privacy of notes. EZ notes is the most non-invasive voice notes organizer of it’s kind. Only the sketch function requires READ / WRITE permission only to just LOAD / SAVE notes. Minimal Permissions to device hardware required!

ez notes offers excellent support for your notes ✏️

• ez notes provides built-in product FAQs notes
• ez notes benefits for taking notes
• notes fans on Facebook
➙ http://tinyurl.com/jegk6ea
• ez notes privacy notice notes

ez notes permissions notes ✏️

Storage: This is only used by our EZ Notes (“Markers”) application in order to Read / Write data From / To the canvas from storage of notes.

❤ EZ Notes is developed in the USA
❤ EZ Notes appreciates your STARS and Support
We appreciate our fans who are sharing (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) 👌

Note taking using other notes organizers often feels cumbersome and time consuming compared to ez notes. Other notes organizers lack the note taking mobility and note taking simplicity of ez notes. EZ Notes organizer packs many note taking features all in a package that is practical and easy for daily notes.

Our note taking organizer was conceived squarely with a vision for ultimate mobility notes. So download ez notes and discover a whole new way to create offline notes, and see how much simpler and more efficient your day to day note taking becomes using this notes app. EZ Notes appreciates everyone’s support very much; we are very proud of our countless thousands of worldwide Android Note Taking fans who are enjoying daily note taking using EZ Notes fast daily voice notes.

EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do notes
EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do notes
EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do notes
EZ Notes - Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do notes


- Updated target SDK to 29.
- Added initial support for Android Q devices.
- Improved to do cards layout and share menu.
- Removed EZ Notes header from the cloud printing.
- Various bug fixes and design improvements.

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