Ez Mirror Match 2 v3.5 (Mod)

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Ez Mirror Match 2 : LOL Champions Battle

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Ez Mirror Match 2 : LOL Champions Battle

● Various champions Arcade
Play Ezreal, Leblanc, Lucian, Kenenn and
More champions will be added in the future.

● A.I Battle
Increase your strength and try out the A.I!
Check the items in A.I, Armed with items that you can counter
Test your limits with a godly control!

Real-time battles with people all over the world!
It will be updated soon!

● Item and skill upgrade
Upgrade your skills and items with the rewards you’ve gained in battle, and you’ll be reborn as a stronger champion!

● Notice
Ez Mirror Match 2 is a fan made game.
– If you delete this app, data will be delete.


1. Add a new champion
- Orianna

2. Yasuo and Zed skill stats adjustment
- Yasuo and Zed's power is too strong in all ranks, so some skill damage has been adjusted.
- The balance of champions will be constantly adjusted based on the data.

3. Bug fixes
- Fixed an issue where Dr. Mundo and AP-based champions would not activate passive effect when wearing Iceborn Gauntlet.
- Minor bug fixes.


Unlimited Gold/ RP
12.5K total
5 7.6K
4 1.6K
3 957.0
2 518.0
1 1.9K

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