Enpass Password Manager MOD APK v6.7.0.552 (Premium)

Enpass Password Manager MOD APK v6.7.0.552 (Premium)
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One place to secure passwords and all kind of your life important credentials.

Enpass Password Manager MOD APK v6.7.0.552 (Premium)

Download Enpass Password Manager MOD APK

Enpass Password Manager makes your life easy by securely managing your passwords and all sorts of credentials. All you have to remember is a single master password of Enpass.

You won’t even need to copy/paste them to other apps and browsers, as Enpass can autofill for them for you.

Enpass Password Manager IS UNBEATABLE

• None of your data is stored on company’s servers.
• No sign-up or subscription is required.
• Syncs data across all Mobile and Desktop devices through iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive & WebDAV.
• 80+ pre-defined templates to save all sort of information.
• Easy to use with simple and consistent design everywhere.


• Signing up on new websites with strong passwords is not a pain as the built-in password manager lets you create unique and strong passwords of desired style.
• Automatically fills logins details in apps, Chrome and Other supported browsers.
• Securely fills Credit card details while shopping online.
• Supports use of Fingerprints for quick unlock to access information.
• It’s not just about passwords. You can even save attachments, Bank accounts, Addresses for autofill, Social Security Numbers, Travel documents and all other kind of credentials you have.


• Our philosophy is your security! We use SQLCIPHER, a transparent, widely accepted and open-source SQLite extension for encryption of your data using AES-256 with key derived from 100,000 iterations of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256.
• Your data is always stays encrypted with your master password and stays safe even if your device is lost.
• Enpass automatically locks itself when not in use.


• No matter which platform you love, you’ll find Enpass there.
• Collaborate with Family and Team members using Multiple vaults syncing through shared cloud accounts.
• Simple design that suits everyone.
• If you are already having your passwords with some other software, you can freely import them to Enpass using our Free Desktop Version. Learn more at https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop/import_export.html.

• Pro version of Enpass for this platform is a one-time purchase that lets you store more than 20 items with creation of Multiple Vaults. Learn more at https://www.enpass.io/pricing/.

We here at Enpass are continuously seeking to give you the best experience with password management. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us at @EnpassApp on Twitter and facebook.com/EnpassApp.
We also have a community of Enpass lovers whom you can meet at https://discussion.enpass.io.


# The most awaited feature, Enpass Wi-Fi sync is here, at last. We have taken the word OFFLINE to a whole another level as now you get the option to sync your data across devices, CLOUDLESSLY — over your Wi-Fi or local network. This means you now have complete ownership of your data, and in turn, total peace of mind.
# Keyboard improvements include Haptic feedback, Dark theme, and number row.

Please note that all your devices must be running the latest version of Enpass.

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