Dig Out v2.18.1 (Mod – Unlimited life)

Dig Out v2.18.1 (Mod - Unlimited life)
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Rush through underground tomb mine, have a fun run and join treasure hunt quest!

Dig Out v2.18.1 (Mod - Unlimited life)

Download Dig Out! - Gold Digger Adventure MOD APK

Dig for glory game puzzle!

Become a diamond miner and dig down as deep as possible. Step into the dungeon of one pixel maze to start your own hunt for treasure chests! Imagine you have a limited amount of lives and the drill is broken… What would you do? Will you be able to beat your friend’s score?

Beware of the underground monsters ready to get on your mining path, so make smart use of your pickaxe! Look out for the falling boulders! Well, mineral collecting has never been easy, but any treasure is worth it, isn’t it?

Here’re some of the game’s totally blowing features:

• Randomly generated endless maps
• Monster traps you’ve never seen before
• Tricky obstacles everywhere. Whether it’s a boulder dash or a maze block or even tap blocks
• Exclusive treasure digger tools to dash even deeper
• Choose your personal pixel miner character
• Discover lost or hidden treasure chests and gems
• Compete with your friends for the BEST DIGGER title!
• Google Play achievements and leaderboards
• Support for 10 languages

So, dig the mine! Mine the ore and collect as many gems as you can! It’s a lawless world, but you are always welcome. Try this retro arcade game, which needs no introduction, and you’ll stick to this free gold mining game forever!

Finding treasure is fascinating, when you dig out!

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Greetings, dear players! Here is some features for you!

— The professor decided to do some useful experiments. Help him and get lots of different prizes!

— What is this special Safebox, capable of multiplying your resources, that has appeared in Stronghold?

— What kind of decoration is Caleb planning to make for the Throne Hall? Why did the Totem scare Talgo so badly, and what was discovered in the Throne Hall?

— 3 new Kings

Get into the game quick and be the first to find out!

Dig Out! - Gold Digger Adventure MOD APK

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