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Device Informations

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Device Informations

Device Info, System Info, Phone Info

This application is a hardware and software information app for Android devices.

It’s trying detect components of your smartphone to provide complete information about device’s hardware. Now detection is supported for lcd, touchscreen, sensors, memory, storage, battery and wi-fi etc which is possible for your device.

This application is useful for users and developers who build kernels or android.

App has a quick navigation, fresh material design.

You can switch between screens by tabs.

System Information Components

Dashboard: RAM, ROM, Internal Memory, External Memory, CPU and Battery summary informations on dashboard.

General: Device Model, Serial Number, IMEI number, Manufacturer, complete info about your firmware build etc. informations of device.

Connectivity: Device connection information, IP and MAC adresses.

CPU : Model, cores, clusters, family, abi, governor, frequency.

Display: Resolution, Density, Font Scale, Refresh Rate, Orientation.

Battery: Battery Status, Technology, Power Source, Battery Level, Voltage and Temprature Level.
Base info and for some devices available extra info:
– Discharging speed is current consumption.
– Charging speed is charge current minus current consumption.
– Profile from kernel. It’s for reference and correct only for the factory battery.
– Model.

Thermal: temperatures by thermal sensors.

Applications: you can quickly find apps and see info about it, also provided list of the system apps.

Sensors: availability of basic sensors and tests for them. Interacts with my app ‘Sensor Test’.

Location: Showing gps time, satellites count, latitude, longitude and speed informations.

– Not for all devices can read drivers info, it’s depend on soc, vendor. If you want help, then upload your device info.

Requirements :
– Android 4.4 and above

Permissions :

Device Informations
Device Informations
Device Informations
Device Informations


v1.0.1 & v1.0.2
- fixed bugs for Android 6.0 above
- added device uptime to general tab

- fixed bugs & design problems

- fixed bugs added multitouch test
- added paint test

v1.0.5 & v1.0.6
- fixed design problems and bugs
- added application uninstall
- added sensor test for Accelerometer

v1.0.7 & v1.0.8
- added gps location tab
- added Orientation Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor, Light Sensor, Gravity Sensor
- made design improvements

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