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Device Info – One Application, All Information. v2.5.3 (Pro)

Device Info - One Application, All Information. v2.5.3 (Pro)
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View phone information, system information, about phone and hardware information

Device Info - One Application, All Information. v2.5.3 (Pro)

Download Device Info: View phone information. MOD APK

🎁Key Features

πŸ‘‰Storage Analysis
Quickly find redundant files, duplicate files, and large files to free up more storage space

πŸ‘‰Apps Analysis
Target sdk, min sdk, app installer, native library, perform a comprehensive physical examination of the applications in your phone!

πŸ‘‰Device Test
Screen test, button test, sensor test to see if everything is normal on your phone

πŸ‘‰App Detail
Activities, services, broadcast receivers, permissions, view AndroidManifest.xml, you can see all the details of the application

πŸ‘‰Management Apps
Export app icons, export app APKs, share apps, uninstall apps, it’s very convenient for you to perform any operations on apps

πŸ“±πŸ“±Device Info provides following information of your Android device which grouped as below.

πŸ‘‰Android Device info, Phone info
πŸ‘‰System Info
πŸ‘‰Real time Sensor Information
πŸ‘‰CPU & Processor Details
πŸ‘‰Hardware temperature
πŸ‘‰Network(WiFi & Mobile network)
πŸ‘‰Camera info
πŸ‘‰Internal Storage & System Storage & External Storage
πŸ‘‰App details

Permissions πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

βš™οΈβ€ƒREAD_PHONE_STATE – To get network info
βš™οΈβ€ƒREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – To extract apps or app icon
βš™οΈβ€ƒACCESS_CRARSE_LOCATION – To get WLAN SSID and mobile data info

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1. Optimize storage analysis algorithm
2. Added [New File] and [Screenshot] for storage analysis
3. Fix some bugs
663.0 total
5 487.0
4 84.0
3 32.0
2 26.0
1 32.0

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