Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery v1.1.35 (Mod – gold coins)

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The journey to many gourmets!

Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery

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Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery – interesting simulation game in which the player will make the most delicious desserts in the world. To get different baking highest grade, the user will have at its disposal the sweet shop. Using a variety of ingredients and more than five hundred recipes he could cook a variety of meals, such as doughnuts, pancakes, pop-corn, sandwiches, pies, ice cream. Visiting the store, guests will place orders and to pay handsomely for them with high-quality performance. Received from the sales money will help all to improve your business.

[New features]

– New recipes added!
Brand new recipes of breads and various hot dishes added!
More than 500 recipes for you to discover!

– Shop design customization
Now you can change the decoration theme of your shop!
Let’s create your very own dessert shop!

– “Rare foodstuffs” added!
You can collect stamps and exchange for a new line of rare foodstuffs!
Use them to create unique and luxurious desserts!

– “Special Orders” added!
Complete special orders from your faithful customers! Good things tend to happen!

– “Diary” added!
The diary records the thoughts of our protagonist about the life in the shopping mall.

– UI has been overhauled to provide better playing experience.

[How to play]

Collect foodstuffs from the farm, read the hints from the recipes, and create all sorts of desserts and dishes with different combinations of foodstuffs and cooking method!

You can visit the shopping mall to buy foodstuffs, recipes, and even various upgrades for your shop and farm!

If you listen carefully to the voices of the people in town, you may find hints on the recent trend.
Get a hold onto these informations and create products accordingly, then you’ll become the most popular dessert shop in the area!

[Recommanded to those who…]

– Loves dessert.
– Loves to play casual games.
– Loves development and progression.
– Wanted to own a dessert shop.


- Adds new recipes. (No.707-713)
- Changes can select the recipe book as filter from the list now.
- Improves Diary page.

Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery MOD APK Info:

A large number of gold coins, after finishing the tutorial, you can get them in the "self room-results"
3.0K total
5 2.2K
4 405.0
3 197.0
2 98.0
1 148.0

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