Demon Blade – Japanese Action RPG v2.030 (Mod – Damage Multiple)

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Upadate: 15/01/2022
Demon Blade - Japan Action RPG

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Demon Blade is an action RPG set in feudal Japan that turns you into a ronin who must face the demons (Yokai) that are threatening the world. You also get to face other samurais with a really unique PvP mode.

The combat system in Demon Blade is really well adapted to touchscreen devices. By sliding your finger across the screen, you can carry out different types of attacks and if you click on the screen, you’ll block others’ attacks. Also, if you click on the screen at the same time that your enemy attacks you, you’ll attack back.

In between adventures, you can customize your character with one of the bunch of different armors, gloves, and swords available to you. Each piece also includes its own features that grant more life points or make your attacks more effective.

Demon Blade is an excellent action RPG that includes incredible settings, a combat system that’s perfect for touchscreens, and a bunch of customization options. It should also be noted that the game includes excellent visuals.

Reviewed by Andrés López

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Some Bugs Fixed

MOD Info

Menu Mod
Damage Multiple
Defence Multiple

NOTE: If game stuck you should turn on Auto Play mode.

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