DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline v4.68.0 (Mod – Money)

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline v4.68.0 (Mod - Money)
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Addictive zombie shooting game on mobile - play offline and have fun!

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline v4.68.0 (Mod - Money)

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Dead Target situates you in the middle of a hypothetical World War III, where you’re the only survivor of a zombie attack. You have to exterminate all the undead that hunt the planet, trying to find some sign of life that will help you rebuild the planet.

This first-person game will make you feel the terror of the most utterly horrific zombie attacks. Find first-aid kits to recover your zombie wounds if you don’t want to end up turning into one of them yourself. To best the super warriors in Dead Target you’ll have to put your aim and reflexes to the test: one wrong move will leave you at the mercy of waves of zombies that want nothing more than to exterminate you.

Throughout your race for survival you’ll find weapons that can be upgraded, as long as you shoot at certain points on the zombies. The better your aim, you more money you’ll be able to earn and spend on upgrades and other power-ups for your next mission.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is an FPS game where you can:

– Shooting zombies in with epic weapons
– Upgrade weapons and gear to face the upcoming zombie waves
– Experience 3D shooting as a zombie hunter
– Slay zombies of all types when you set your nerve to the highest level



– A free FPS game where huge waves of zombies come to you as the tsunami
– Shoot zombies before the invasion come toward you


– Zombies come in many forms with various killing abilities
– Some zombies can be extremely infected with the virus


– Multiple weapons – A rifle, shotgun, machine gun, grenade launcher and more
– Unlock guns when you rank up and improve your strength to become a true killer
– Discover combat moves using various guns
– Shoot zombies with the right boost to become a terminator on the battlefield


– Shooting zombies lets you complete quests to rank up and unlock more cool items
– Shoot zombies so you can be the last one standing
– Weird achievements are always the highest paid


– Prevent zombies from escaping while defending the breached frontlines
– A precise shot can trigger an explosion that can save you at the right time


– Enjoy 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the infection of zombie
– Guns have different sound effects to represent their real-life versions


– Compare your kill records to your friends
– Connect to Facebook to share what you have done
– Shoot the most zombies to become the top zombie hunter

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Protect the frontlines in the best FPS game, DEAD TARGET. Download now to start shooting zombies.


Dear survivals,

What's we give to you in this update:
- Battle Pass new season's coming
- New user interface of health point bar in battle
- New UI for event Trial Map
- Brand new skill: Rainning Arrow
- Improve game performance
- Fix minor bugs

Thanks for your supports and enjoy our game.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline - Shooting Games MOD APK Info:

Unlimited Gold/Cash: With a large amount of money provided available, you can easily buy advanced weapons. Upgrade equipment and more.
2.1M total
5 1.5M
4 217.9K
3 120.5K
2 59.0K
1 168.9K
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