Days Bygone: Defense & Strategy v1.13.11 (Mod)

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Days Bygone - Castle Defense

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Days Bygone - Castle Defense

Days Bygone – Castle Defense is an endless castle defense game with a twist! Enjoy endless hours of non-stop action, growing your castle to deal with endless waves, infinite stages and a growing competitive leaderboard.

Grow and defend your castle against the endless frontier and onslaught of enemies. The endless waves will not rest. Hire heroes and knights to conquer the battlefield! Upgrade your defenses in order to grow your castle! In this thrilling endless tower defense game, strategy is key.

Neverending Defense
Infinite levels with endless waves means endless fun & non-stop action! Counterattack the neverending waves!

Strategic Defense
Accumulate Gold and Elixir in order to grow your castle! Endless amounts of stats, spells and skills to upgrade! The possibilities are endless, strategy is key.

Idle Defense
Idle/Offline gains whenever you take a break! Progress is made in and out of the game! Watch your tower grow!

Days Bygone is the best free offline idle defense and hustle castle defense game for you. Put an end to the endless waves now! Stop the brutal castle raid! Rush to defend your kingdom, upgrade your empire, and repeat! As your castle grows, you grow too!

The easy days are gone. Do whatever it takes to survive and slay the endless waves in the most addictive & epic endless defense game of all time. Topple the endless waves before days gone!

Looking to play for hours on end and have endless amounts of fun? Look no further. Days Bygone is guaranteed to keep you hooked!

Sit back and enjoy a unique take of the defense genre in 2019’s Top Endless Castle Defense game! Days Bygone is the best free offline endless tower defense TD game of all time. Time to grow your castle, the Realm is waiting. And so the tower conquest begins!

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List of credits and attributions available in-game and the following link:
Days Bygone – Castle Defense

Days Bygone - Castle Defense
Days Bygone - Castle Defense
Days Bygone - Castle Defense
Days Bygone - Castle Defense


*Fixed Day 450 issue

Legendary Heroes Update:
+ Passive, The Goliath Effect: 6/../10% Critical Damage against Siege Mobs

+ Passive, Cull The Meek: 3/../5% Critical Damage against Normal Mobs

Lilibeth (Fixed damage calculations)
0.2/../1.0% -> 2/3/4/5/6% Critical Damage

Lilith (Fixed damage calculations)
10% -> 16% Critical Damage

Check Discord #announcements for full patch notes.


Unlimited Gold Coins*
Unlimited Diamonds*
Unlimited Tickets*
Unlimited Resources*
*Increase when you spent
4.2K total
5 3.1K
4 430.0
3 307.0
2 92.0
1 215.0

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