Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War v2.143 (2 Mods – free building)

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War v2.143 (2 Mods - free building)
4.4 | Action | 24 reviews | 73,710 Views

State of war after zombie apocalypse. Survive as if it is your last day!

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War v2.143 (2 Mods - free building)

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Dawn of Zombies: Survival Mod APK after the Last War is a 3rd person RPG that’s clearly inspired by the incredible game Last Day on Earth. This time, you get to control one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. To start out your adventure, you’ll be pretty much on your own, but you’ll find your way little by little.

One of the key aspects of Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War is that, much like other similar games, you’ll have to collect resources and craft new weapons. You can collect wood, stone, scraps, and a bunch of other raw materials. These materials can be used to build your home’s walls and floors, or even a work table or a fireplace. You can also create maces, spears, axes, knives and much more.

You can also build your base of operations in the general area of the map where you’ll start playing. You can customize your base in the ‘creation mode’. Keep in mind that you can explore a bunch of different areas of the world. In fact, you’ll have to play in different locations and interact with other characters in order to make sure the story of the game continues and you can figure out what happened.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War Mod APK is an excellent RPG that might remind you of Last Day on Earth quite a bit. However, this game offers you a more individual experience. The game includes more than 20 different locations and objects, a really fun crafting system, and outstanding visuals.


— Thanksgiving Day in the Territories! Complete quests, kill enemies, hunt turkeys and compete with other players.
— New location: Poultry Farm, and a boss, the Alpha Turkey.
— New perfect weapon: Hawks AF-M, and new Citadel Corps veteran's backpack.
— New helper: Tribal Cook, new decoration: Turkey Shed and Tribal Warrior appearance.
— Perfect weapon repairs available! Upgrade the repair workbench and get arms crates from the new merchant, the Ensign at the Outpost.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival MOD APK Info:

Mod 1
- max level
- free craft (click the "Where to find" button)
- free building

Mod 2
- max level
- free craft (click the "Where to find" button)
- free building
- enemies don't attack

Attention! Possible ban account for using the mod!

If you got a ban for using the mod and want to play the mod, you need to clear the game data or reinstall the game
270.5K total
5 189.4K
4 43.9K
3 11.5K
2 6.9K
1 18.8K
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  1. “remove the daw from here so that the item is crafted”

    what is daw ? i tried to craft the game freez?

    1. read :

      – You need to Enable Overlay Permission and Storage Permission (if have) on settings in your phone to make menu appears
      Read here: How to enable draw over app permission – platinmods.com – Android MODs | iOS MODs | Tutorials & More!
      – Use emulator + root to play mod.
      – If your account banned before => u can’t play.

      1. Sir i have the latest version and after playing for an hour it says “Account blocked!!”?
        Any fix for this?

  2. The mod worked and I followed the instructions, it was silly for me to be ready to do something when my device froze, but the sound was normal.

  3. Yerde yatan bi adam var yanıp zombi olması gerekirken olmuyor başlangıçta kaldım yardim lazım

  4. How do you save data to the original game? Evertime a new version comes out and a new mod comes I have to start over.

  5. Hi,
    So the steps are
    1. Install MOD APK 1, the run the first couple of missions until you can get out to the Map?
    2. Then once on the map, Terminate the app or jus close it while running on the background? Then install MOD APK 2 without unistalling?
    3. And MOD APK 3 if rooted?

    So what’s the OBB for if not used or where do I place it, because when I run APK1 it downloads it, but it still doesn’t work, when I start I’m still missing that one Zombie that’s eating the dead person as it starts and that’s how I know is not going to let me move on from that first mission.

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