D-MEN The Defenders v1.8.500 (Mod – One Shot Kill)

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The best strategy tower defense game of 2019

D-MEN:The Defenders

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D-MEN: The Defenders – fantasy strategy type Tower Defense, in which the player participates in battles with different opponents. To join the battle, the user must assemble a team of mighty heroes that are able to withstand equal forces of evil. The choice of the gamer will be presented with four factions of soldiers with certain abilities. Skillfully combining characters, the player will be able to win. Also, in addition to battles here have to deal with the pumping of your squad members in the extraction of resources and improvement of equipment.

Standard Features :

Improve, Adapt, and Fight
Choose from a wide range of legendary heroes to stand against the forces of evil. Your team will work even while you are sleeping. Only have a few minutes to play each day, don’t worry! Your heroes will continuously protect the world and when you log back in, you can collect the resources they gathered, and upgrade your abilities, equipment and expand your team! Unlimited possibilities!

Tower defence
A new spin to a classic tower defence game! Balance the different classes of your unique heroes when you deploy them in the battlefield. Prepare your combat strategies using your hero’s special abilities to protect your world!

Collect Legendary Heroes
Assemble your heroes from the four different factions, each of whom has their own unique abilities, skills and attributes. The more heroes you have, the more versatile your team can be!

Immersive strategy
Find and improve the combination of the right heroes to use in both PVE and PVP. Matching the right team for the task will produce very different results! Share, your strategies, and find recommendations from your teammates to see who can build the strongest team!

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New content:
— New Nightmare mode
— New VIP Daily Pack
— New hero: Dragoon
— New Anger Stone, Blood Stone, Curse Stone, Solid Stone
— New switch of dynamic effects (which can be closed after the switch is turned off)
— Players can use diamonds to participate in the Wishing Tree

D-MEN:The Defenders MOD APK Info:


*** NOTE: Turn off MOD to complete the game's tutorial
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5 17.7K
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