Cubic panic v1.2 (Mod)

Cubic panic - Rush over the color bricks icon

Cubic panic - Rush over the color bricks

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Cubic panic - Rush over the color bricks

Cubic panic – Rush over the color bricks

In this game you control a cube in the cubic world, where you have to destroy at least a 90% of the bricks to complete the level. But is not an easy mission, because you will find a lot of enemies in your path. To fight against them you have 4 different weapons or skills available. Use them smartly to survive and complete your mission. Become a hero!

With an amazing graphics and animations, with beautiful colors and clean interface, and dynamic and fast levels, you’ll enjoy this arcade game since first minute.

With cubic panic you can get fun indefinitely because every map is created procedurally, so you have infinite levels to play!

How to play
On each level you have to destroy at least a 90 percent of the tiles. To reach this mission you have to control the joystick to move on every direction. As you advance in the game, the levels will grow up, so you will find bigger maps as you reach new levels.

At first, each tile is destroyed with only one touch, but later you will find tiles with 2 or 3 lifes, changing its color every time you touch it.

You need to be skillfull avoiding enemies and traps, survive using smartly your skills and attacks. You will find this attacks distributed over the entire map, or you can also buy more at shop. It is very important to improve your cube buying new skins. These skins improves a lot your attributes.

What are you waiting for? Cubic world is waiting for a hero!

Different cube skins

You can find some different skins that you can buy on the shop with your points earned in game. Each one of them has different special attributes. Which ones fits better with your play style? Lets see:

– Double points: With this skins you will earn double points each time you destroy a color tile
– Improved shield: Your shield duration is increased by 50%, your survival chance improves a lot !
– Double skill loot: Each reward you loot around the map is duplicated, giving you more resources to survive
– Flash speed: This skins speeds up your move speed by 25%, so you can avoid your enemies and destroy color tiles faster
– Super cube: Maybe the most powerful skin, if you are hitted by an enemy you earn an extra shield protection

Cubic panic Game Features

– Dynamic and fun
– Clean and minimalist interface
– Amazing and colorfull 3D graphics
– Infinite and unique levels
– Different and unique enemies
– Powerful skills
– Different skins to make your cube different, adapted with your play style

Dont wait more, enjoy this game and become the hero of the cubc world!

This arcade game is available for Android devices totally free.


- Fix bug that sometimes freezes game when new map loads
- Improve performance
- Now enemies doesnt attacks on start, now wait for some seconds to wait player start moving


infinite currency
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