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CPU-A Hardware Info Pro

CPU-A Hardware Info Pro, is a NO AD app. with detailed specs. about your smartphone which includes. Operating System, Network, Device, Memory, Battery, Bluetooth, Processor, Hardware, and Device Display.

If for some unforeseen reason you need support, or experience a problem. Please, contact me before leaving less than a four star review. Go to the about page, and click on the icon for support.

Beautiful, Easy to use interface just swipe right to view pages.

Operating System
API Level, Version, Build ID, Build Time, Fingerprint, Version Name.

WiFi, Connection Status, Mobile, IP Address, MAC Address, SSID, Link Speed.

Brand, Manufacturer, Model, Board, Hardware, Serial Number, Android ID, Screen Resolution, Boot Loader, User, Host.

Memory Total, Memory Free, Memory Available, Buffers, Cached, SwapCached, Active, Inactive, SwapFree, SwapTotal, Dirty, and much more.

Battery Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, Battery Voltage, Battery Plug Type, Battery Health , Battery Level, Status, Battery Type, Charging Speed, Fast Charging.

Scan Mode, Bluetooth State, Bluetooth Discovery, Name, MAC Address.

Processor, CPU Model, CPU Revision, CPU Part, CPU Implementer, CPU Variant, Features, Serial Number.

Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, GPS, Camera Flash, Camera Front, Microphone, NFC, WiFi Direct, USB Host, USB Accessory, Multi-touch, Audio low-latency, Audio Output, Professional Audio, Consumer IR, Game pad Support, Printing, CDMA, GSM, Fingerprint.

Device Display
Screen size, Name, Display dpi, Refresh rate, Screen Resolution, Orientation.


Added Complete Java Information about your phone,
Too few users ratings

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