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Bring to life black and white photos colorizing them with AI and neural networks

Colorize it

¡Revitalize your old black and white photos colorizing them with artificial inteligence!

Colorize it is an app that uses neural networks and artificial inteligence techniques to colorize automatically grayscale images.

It works nicely with all kinds of photos: totally grayscale, sepia-toned, partially decolored, etc. Colorize it will take it as grayscale and will This app completely from scratch.

The images that you want to colorize can be selected from the gallery or taken directly from the camera. The photo is then sent to a server, that carries out all the process and returns the result colored image (due to this, Internet access is necessary). As our privacy policy states, the server doesn’t save or share in any way the image or the result. They both are completely erased from the server once the result is sent back to you.

Colorize it
Colorize it
Colorize it
Colorize it


Updated contact info with our social networks
Now you can colorize your photos directly from your gallery by sharing them to "Colorize It"

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