Catapult Quest v1.1.2 (Mod – Unlimited Money)

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Throw monkey to destroy constructions and obtaining bananas

Catapult Quest

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Shoot monkey to destroy construction and get bananas to acquire scores. Try to achieve best score through finding hidden bananas in the stage.

How to Control

Able to shoot monkey to desired place with drag.
Able to use skills with tap the screen after fire the monkey.

Catapult Quest Game Features

  • Able to play the game using 8 different monkeys with various abilities including gorilla and gibbon.
  • Able to get resources through gathering coconuts.
  • Able to choose difficulty
  • Bonus scores can be earned with unused monkeys available when the stage is cleared.
  • Skip button is available for quick game progress when the stage is completed.
  • Able to shake all objects with earthquake item.
  • Able to froze all objects with ice item.
  • Able to get banana with target item.
  • Tap the continue button additional monkey is available after games over.
  • Able to get number of stars depend on scores.
  • Supported Achievements and Leaderboards.
  • Supported 16 Languages.

Catapult Quest MOD APK Info:

Free purchase: Click to buy direct success
33.6K total
5 20.9K
4 5.6K
3 3.4K
2 1.2K
1 2.4K

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