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Call of Spartan

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Call of Spartan

A mind blowing Online Strategy game designed for everyone who values honor and glory!

Game Features Call of Spartan :

✔ Real Battle: You can see REAL battle in the map, diffrent from all Strategy games.
✔ Simple Design: Everything in the game is easy to control
✔ Easy play: Get Diamond from Event.
✔ Temple and Olympus hill: A whole new way to Occupy a Kingdom
✔ Heroes Allegiance: Heroes lead the troops and fight for you.


1. Anniversary event
2. The 2nd beta event of Ladder Tournament will be started. Rewards contained Guardian Constellation, and we optimized the chat part.
3. Optimized report of Persian Invasion. It won't occupied too much space of battle report anymore.
4. The rewards of attacking Titan will be send to player, player have no more need to receive it in reward center.
5. Hero function button was moved to main page.
21.4K total
5 15.0K
4 3.5K
3 1.4K
2 351.0
1 1.1K

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  1. Developers please HELP me get my account back! I cannot log back into my account! I’m a paying player who have invested hundreds of dollars into this account and I need to log on in a day time for this message or I’ll be attacked and loss everything I built in your game!! Please help me log back in!!
    Jorthrak R4 of (OP~) on S58!
    I’ll have L21 senate in about 64 days but it won’t mean nothing if I’m attacked to zero points when I’m currently ranked 9th in the Kingdom and 1st in my Alliance!!

    Help help help

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