Bridge Race v2.84 (Mod – Money)

Bridge Race v2.84 (Mod - Money)
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Build bridges till the winning stage

Bridge Race v2.84 (Mod - Money)

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Bridge Race is a casual game where you try to get from one side of the pool to the other. To do so, you’ll need to collect a bunch of blocks that are scattered on the ground and use them to create a walkway.

In Bridge Race, it’s important to pay attention to your character’s color, since it’s best to pick up blocks that are the same color and add them to your backpack. Once you’ve collected a good amount, make your way over to the pool and start creating a path.

In Bridge Race, you compete against other players who are also trying to cross the pool first. To win, you’ll need to collect as many blocks as you can to cross the pool before your opponents. Sometimes, you can even push your opponents to knock the blocks out of their hands.

Jump into Bridge Race and race around as you collect blocks that are the same color as your character in order to cross the pool and win. As you earn rewards, you can use them to unlock new skins for your character to mix things up.


- Play with MULTIPLIERS from the first level!
- 77th level bug is fixed now.
- Look for FIDGETS on 90th level onwards!
- MAZE stage is on 99th level!
- New Stages with Escalators & Ziplines!
- New Roadmap!
- New Leaderboard! Now you can compare your score with players from all around the world!
734.8K total
5 344.3K
4 48.4K
3 42.7K
2 40.5K
1 259.0K
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