Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad v1.2.291 (Mod)

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Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad

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Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad

“Welcome aboard, kiddo! Name’s Jeff, I’m the captain of this ship.
We’ve got a nasty situation on our hands — all these skittering aliens swarming us, ya know.
So suit up and let’s get ourselves some gun fun!”
Captain Jeff

If nasty alien bugs invade your lovely home planet, the only way to resist is to grab a gun! When all else fails, call on Bombastic Brothers, a semi-legal team of soldiers and agents! Join the Arcade Revolution where oldschool platformer gameplay meets the future. Choose your hero, pick a weapon, obtain and upgrade your spaceship and fight epic bosses!

Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad is inspired by classic platformer hits loved by fans of hardcore games, but it’s totally accessible to players new to the genre as well!

What you’ll get:

– Classical Run’n’gun gameplay
– Featuring base-building and battler mechanics
– Oldschool but not obsolete bosses
– Humorous story and charismatic heroes
– A huge spaceship (free of charge!)
– Worldwide PVP Arena


- Special events (excluding Co-op) now last for 1 week, the amount of golden keys required to open a chest reduced to 2;
- Increased Epic and Legendary hero's base power;
- Increased Epic and Legendary equipment power;
- Long-awaited shop changes: the higher you Bridge level, the more resources you can buy for the same price;
- Story missions, Daily missions, and Bunker levels re-balance;
- Changed the rules of determining Arena enemies;
- Decreased speed for crafting uncommon items;


Enemy can't attack
40.4K total
5 31.0K
4 6.4K
3 1.6K
2 523.0
1 930.0

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