BLOCKAPOLYPSE Mod APK v1.17 (god mode)

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Upadate: 03/05/2022
BLOCKAPOLYPSE™: Zombie Shooter

BLOCKAPOLYPSE™: Zombie Shooter Apk info

BLOCKAPOLYPSE Mod APK Game is an entertaining third-person survival horror game, with some sandbox gameplay added to create a challenging and addictive game. Armed to the teeth and with a weaponized car, your mission is to BLOCKAPOLYPSE help the few remaining survivors stay alive and avoid becoming a zombie’s meal.

Anyone who’s played similar games will have no problem with the gameplay of BLOCKAPOLYPSE. Just use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move your character, and the buttons on the right to shoot, run, jump, and interact with items on the map. Along the way, you’ll use similar controls to drive cars, although you can destroy any enemy that crosses your path while in a car.

Check out BLOCKAPOLYPSE and start your adventure in a small, unfamiliar village. There you’ll have to explore your surroundings and interact with characters to get missions and interesting information about the origin of the deadly pandemic in BLOCKAPOLYPSE™ – Zombie Shooter Mod APK

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- new multiplayer mode: Co-Op Arena!
- lot of improvements

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A large amount of currency

27.9K total
5 20.1K
4 2.6K
3 1.2K
2 598.0
1 3.4K

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