Beat the Boss: Free Weapons v1.1.2 (Mod – Weapons)

Beat the Boss: Free Weapons v1.1.2 (Mod - Weapons)
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Brawl, kick, & hit the angry robot buddy in this brand new Beat The Boss game!

Beat the Boss: Free Weapons v1.1.2 (Mod - Weapons)

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Beat the Boss: Free Weapons – continuation of a series of furious arcades, where you can once again make fun of the boss. The protagonist of the game – a simple office clerk, who constantly annoy annoying bosses in the form of robots. Through a variety of means and weapons the character will have to destroy the evil robotic bosses. The Arsenal is here represented as quite mundane weapons and unusual objects in the form of paper airplanes, the office, and even carnivorous plants. All these funds will necessarily cause damage to the enemy and force him to reckon with General office guys.


PLAY the relaxing interactive office simulator offline and at your desk
FIGHT against 200+ uniquely designed wicked bosses who make life miserable
LAUNCH over 190+ destructive weapons and build up your arsenal of ammunition
UNLEASH the devastating power of exclusive finisher attacks on your boss.
UNLOCK over 30 entertaining and immersive hand-drawn stages.


Robo Joe is on a mission to make your workplace hostile and miserable!
Don’t want to walk into that familiar office on Monday morning? Dealing with the unresolved stress from the last time your boss made your life difficult? Beat The Boss 4 is the healthy way of dealing with office stress and it’s better than yoga!

Get back virtually at your dentist, smash that high-school bully, or travel to space to defeat aliens in this interactive simulation action game. As you play through the action-packed stages, find out where Robo Joe’s from and why you need to take vengeance and kick his ignorant robot buddies.

From beehives to office supplies, and even grenades, the possibilities to get back at your foes are endless. Beware, don’t let your coldhearted android manager getaway! Unlock the immense power of finisher attacks and let out that pent up anger in the ultimate stress relief game.

Wage war with the evil Robo Joe and his machine buddies. Buckle up and prepare to riot as you grab your guns and assassinate an onslaught of horrible bosses in this funny fighting game! Drop and smash massive weapons on your robot foes, and reel in that satisfactory feeling from hunting your enemies!

Your therapist and colleagues will thank you so start taking revenge and go have some fun!


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No need watching the ads,you can use all weapon directly.
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