Merge Barbarian v1.1.5 (Mod)

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Merge Barbarian

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Merge Barbarian

Idle Merger RPG – Barbarian Wars

■ Easy Mechanics
– Warrior + Warrior = Wizard
– You can create more heroes for your army and play with a simple tap.

■ Individual units
– Collect 30 different kinds of heroes and power them up.
– Watch your heroes evolve into legends as you grow stronger.

■ Chest Rewards
– Receive various items from basic, rare and legendary chests!
You receive the best loot; Minions, Gear, Gems and Diamonds.

■ Dungeon content
– From Bronze to Platinum, Master, Challenger.
– Take on the world boss and become part of the top 1% elite.

■ Loot
– Collect useful loot ranking from D to S.

■ Various minions
– Call on the help of the most powerful minions, including the Phoenix, Titan, Dragon and Odin!

■ The game doesn’t stop when you go offline. Your heroes will continue battling while you’re away.


1. Change App Icon

2. Fixing bugs


Unlimited Gold Coins*
Unlimited Diamonds*
Unlimited Resources*
*Increase when you spent
517.0 total
5 310.0
4 77.0
3 41.0
2 31.0
1 56.0

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