Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game v1.1.3 (Mod)

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Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game

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Barbarian Wars: A Hero Idle Merger Game

Idle Merger RPG – Barbarian Wars

■ Easy Mechanics
– Warrior + Warrior = Wizard
– You can create more heroes for your army and play with a simple tap.

■ Individual units
– Collect 30 different kinds of heroes and power them up.
– Watch your heroes evolve into legends as you grow stronger.

■ Chest Rewards
– Receive various items from basic, rare and legendary chests!
You receive the best loot; Minions, Gear, Gems and Diamonds.

■ Dungeon content
– From Bronze to Platinum, Master, Challenger.
– Take on the world boss and become part of the top 1% elite.

■ Loot
– Collect useful loot ranking from D to S.

■ Various minions
– Call on the help of the most powerful minions, including the Phoenix, Titan, Dragon and Odin!

■ The game doesn’t stop when you go offline. Your heroes will continue battling while you’re away.

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1. Added the ability to move the stage
2. Lower the key piece drop rate
3. Stage difficulty down
4. Downgraded battle upgrade price
5. Raising chest 'pet', 'jewelry' drop rate
6. Add three packages


Unlimited Gold Coins*
Unlimited Diamonds*
Unlimited Resources*
*Increase when you spent
375.0 total
5 269.0
4 54.0
3 21.0
2 11.0
1 20.0

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