Ball Blast v1.63 (Mod – Much money)

Ball Blast v1.63 (Mod - Much money)
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Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive?

Ball Blast v1.63 (Mod - Much money)

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Ball Blast Mod APK Game is an arcade game where you have to use a cannon to shoot bombs at giant rocks to smash them to smithereens … or in this case, coins.

The controls in Ball Blast are simple: you just have to slide your finger around the screen to move from the cannon from one side to the other while it’s constantly shooting bombs. Also, you have to make sure to avoid the debris that falls from the rocks as you shoot them. If you get hit, you’re dead, and the game’s over.

The bigger the number on the rock, the more times you need to hit it to divide it and reach the final coin, but that also means it’ll give you more coins as well. The idea is to dodge and shoot, while maintaining a good balance that allows you to move around the screen without getting crushed. You can use the coins you earn to get new cannons and bombs that increase your potential.

Ball Blast Mod APK is a simple but addictive and very fun game that can provide hours of simple entertainment.


fix some bugs

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Much money

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5 295.3K
4 64.6K
3 32.4K
2 18.2K
1 75.3K
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