Assistant Trigger v5.2.2 (Pro)

Assistant Trigger v5.2.2 (Pro)
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Display Airpods battery level and trigger Google Assistant on Android

Assistant Trigger v5.2.2 (Pro)

Download Assistant Trigger (Airpods battery & more) MOD APK

The app displays Airpods battery level. Use double-tap to trigger Google Assistant or any other assistant app e.g. Bixby on Samsung phones.

> Support 2nd gen AirPods
> Display popup window showing AirPods battery level on case is open
> Display battery level in notification bar (pro)
> Airpods in ear detection. Pause/resume music automatically (pro)
> Double-tap to trigger Google Assistant
> 1st double-tap to pause/play & 2nd double-tap (within a few seconds) to trigger Google Assistant (pro)


Announcer can now speak caller id
Double tap to stop announcer speaking long notification
A new setting to disable announcer when phone is unlocked
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