ArgoVPN Mod APK v1.1 (Ad Free)

ArgoVPN Mod APK v1.1 (Ad Free)
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ArgoVPN is a new tool for bypassing Iran’s internet censorship

ArgoVPN Mod APK v1.1 (Ad Free)

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ArgoVPN MOD APK is a new tool to bypass Iran’s Internet censorship which is designed and developed by the Filtershekanha team. this app has several key features, such as Falcon and Bridges. With Falcon, you can register and add your domain name to be used in ArgoVPN for bypassing the Internet censorship in the country. There is another feature called “Bridge” which you can connect to server through some non-public addresses.

The Filtershekanha team has added different features to ArgoVPN that are usually only available in commercial VPNs. For example, This VPN APP has a built-in firewall that allows you to block certain websites, so those addresses will remain blocked as long as you are connected to servers. Also, we have a public repository that allows users to block phishing and malware websites on connection. This repository will be updated by our community and will help all users to improve their safety on the Internet. also allows users to use “Cloudflare Family” and Cloudflare Malware, so you can have both benefits of “ArgoVPN Firewall” and “Cloudflare Family” at the same time.

ArgoVPN was reviewed in two iterations by Cure53, first in February 2020 and then in April 2020. The reviews and audits conducted by Cure53, specifically targeted security and privacy aspects of the software.


پشتیبانی از پروتکل ساکس در بخش پراکسی
نمایش پنجره انتخاب زبان در اولین اجرا
رابط کاربری جدید برای DNS داخلی برنامه
امکان تست DNS های داخلی برنامه بصورت اتوماتیک
افزایش TLD دامنه های فالکن به ۸ کاراکتر
برطرف شدن ایرادات جزیی برنامه
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