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The mobile device portal into EMACS Bodyshop and Business Manager.


ARC-AiDE Lite is a mobile device portal into E.M.A. Computer Solutions popular range of Bodyshop and Business Manager application packages.

Productive staff will have the following functions at their fingertips:

Productive Clock On:
Effectively a workshop Time Recording Unit in your pocket, allows productives to clock on and off jobs, create and view supplementary requests, view images/repair methods and view parts related to their current job. Non-productives can also use ARC-AiDE Lite to clock on to site.

The easy way to get images from the workshop to the job. Simply select the job from a list and take as many images as required, in or out of Wi-Fi range.

Check out the full version of ARC-AiDE, available on the app store, which adds Collection/Delivery, Workshop Control, Workshop Activity and Reminders.

Compatible Devices:
Android 5.1 or above.

Requires E.M.A. Computer Solutions Business Manager or Bodyshop Manager Version 7.01nV2 or later.
Requires Adobe Reader to view Images and Repair Methods.



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