2X Dual Video Music Player v1.0 (Premium)

2X Dual Video Music Player v1.0 (Premium)
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Simultaneously play multi videos on single screen & play video & music together.

2X Dual Video Music Player v1.0 (Premium)

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This app Dual Video Music Player allows you to watch multiple video simultaneously in a single screen. Also play multiple audio in multiple music player. Control their volume separately to hear & balance the audio sound of multiple audio & videos.
Combine to play video in video player and music in music player at a time in a single screen.
Each Video Player & Music Player has their own media controls, to play, stop, fast forward, rewind, volume up & down, etc,.

App Main Features:

  • Play Single or multiple videos in full HD video player.
  • Play single music or multiple audio files in different music player in a single screen.
  • Play both different audio and video in different player together.
  • All controls like – play, stop, repeat, minimize, maximize, are available separately for videos and music.
  • Slide left for volume up and slide right for volume down in video player.
  • Easy to load multiples videos without any glitching.

Dual Video Music Player is a unique concept to help you get creative in listening different audio while watching a different video.

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