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Are you a puzzle master? Rotate the pieces to connect the electrical network!

Energy: Anti Stress Loops

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Energy: Anti Stress Loops – an amazing puzzle game for Android, which will give the relaxation after a busy day. At each level, the player will be certain picture. For this you need to use available on the detail screen so that all the circles were connected by lines. At the same time to pass any point for an unlimited time, which has a relaxing effect on the user. In addition, gamers will certainly appreciate the stylish minimalistic graphics and a nice soundtrack.

Simple gameplay: Just tap the lines to rotate and create connected loops. The wires will shine when at least one bolt and a lamp are connected through a line.
Relaxing: People with OCD issues mention this game as a great way to get better. Energy gameplay is very calm – “just tap the line” – and a couple of levels per day are enough to fight OCD and anxiety issues. It’s like practicing yoga with your smartphone.
Smart brain-teasers: Energy features endless minimalist brain-teasers that will boost your logic skills, relax your soul and improve your concentration. It will make you bright!
Classic game: Highly compared with other logic games due to its simplicity, Energy is very satisfying and will illuminate the creative side of your brain.
Play everywhere: You will take less than 20 seconds to illuminate a circuit. That’s perfect to play on the bus or while you wait for your flight at the airport. Start playing and relax wherever you are!
Recharge your battery: If your body battery is very low, Energy is the best way to recharge it. Wherever you are at the airport, on the train, or on the bus, boost your concentration and make your brain shine with the brain-teasers reminiscent of Infinity Loop.



-Bug Fixes

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